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This online catalogue of The Leiden Collection provides the first scholarly overview of the remarkable collection of Dutch and Flemish paintings and drawings assembled by Thomas Kaplan and his wife, Daphne Recanati Kaplan. The catalogue, launched in January 2017, and edited by Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., presents the most current, in-depth information about 175 paintings and drawings from the Collection. The artist biographies, entries and essays it contains were written by over 20 internationally renowned scholars. The catalogue has been archived so that a permanent record of these texts will always be available. New archived versions of individual biographies, entries, and essays will occur when a substantive change to the narrative occurs. Subsequent editions of the catalogue will also be archived.


Collection provides the viewer access to the paintings and drawings in The Leiden Collection, as well as the associated scholarship.

Essays provides access to scholarly essays germane to The Leiden Collection.

About opens a dropdown with a number of tabs that provide a range of information about the catalogue, its history and its character. The names of the  the individual authors of the entries, essays and technical reports, as well as professional staff at The Leiden Collection, can be accessed via this dropdown. A printable PDF of each biography, entry, and essay in the catalogue can be accessed on the Archive tab, where preformatted citations for are also provided. Another tab on this dropdown explains how to contact The Leiden Collection, not only to ask questions but also to provide information about works in the collection.

Videos provides access to videos about artworks, technical information, and thematic topics pertaining to The Leiden Collection.

Exhibitions provides information about the ongoing exhibition program of The Leiden Collection.

About the Catalogue:

Artist Biographies: Biographies and a selected bibliography are provided for each of the artists represented in the collection.

Entries: Each painting and drawing in the collection is discussed in a full entry that includes comparative illustrations, footnotes, and relevant IconClass terms. Each entry also includes tabs that contain provenance information, exhibition history, bibliographic references, and a technical summary of the art work. When relevant, some entries also include a tab that lists versions. For those works that have been featured in a video, a media tab provides access to the relevant video(s).