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International Exhibitions


Since its founding over fifteen years ago, The Leiden Collection has served as a unique “lending library” for Old Masters, loaning its works of art to an international roster of museums in order to share Dutch paintings with audiences around the world. To date, The Collection has made loans to more than seventy-five major institutions in North America, Europe, and Asia. The traveling exhibition of The Leiden Collection debuted at the Louvre, Paris, in 2017, and subsequently toured China, Russia, and the Middle East. These shows, which explored The Collection’s extraordinary character and scope, marked the first occasion that a large number of highlights were presented together.

Continuing The Collection’s strong commitment to sharing its works of art globally, the current exhibition Rembrandt and His Contemporaries: History Paintings from The Leiden Collection brings thirty-five important history paintings to the Hermitage, Amsterdam. Highlights include Rembrandt’s iconic Minerva in Her StudyBust of a Bearded Old Man, the master’s smallest painting, and Hagar and the Angel by Carel Fabritius, the only work by Rembrandt’s gifted pupil still in private hands. The exhibition, curated by Arthur K. Wheelock Jr. and Christiaan Vogelaar, will close on August 27, 2023.

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