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Attributed to Cornelis Bisschop

“Self-Portrait of an Artist Seated at an Easel” LS-100

Gerard ter Borch the Elder

“Little Girl at a Table Holding a Slice of Melon” GB-110

Gerard ter Borch the Younger

“Elegant Man” GB-108.a

“Elegant Woman” GB-108.b

“Guardroom Interior with Soldiers Smoking and Playing Cards” GB-101

“Lady Tickling a Sleeping Soldier” GB-104

“Musical Company” GB-105

“Portrait of a Man” GB-109

“Portrait of Andries de Graeff (1611–1678), Burgomaster of Amsterdam” GB-106

“Portrait of Engel Craeyvanger (1649–after 1671)” GB-111.d

“Portrait of Jan Craeyvanger (1641–after 1668)” GB-111.a

“Portrait of Reijnder Craeyvanger (1645–after 1675)” GB-111.c

“Portrait of Willem Craeyvanger (1643–after 1712)” GB-111.b

Studio of Gerard ter Borch the Younger

“Woman Seated at Her Toilet” GB-107

Quiringh van Brekelenkam

“Fisherman and His Wife in an Interior” QB-100

Pieter Brueghel the Younger

“Man with the Moneybag and Flatterers” PB-101

Jan Brueghel the Younger and Circle of Peter Paul Rubens

“Golden Age” JB-100

Dordrecht School

“Still Life with Peaches, Grapes, and Melon and a Butterfly on a Stone Plate” GS-100

Gerrit Dou

“Bust of an Old Man” JvS-101

“Cat Crouching on the Ledge of an Artist’s Atelier” GD-108

“Goat in a Landscape” GD-114

“Herring Seller and Boy” GD-106

“Old Man Praying” GD-107

“Old Woman at a Window with a Candle” GD-103

“Portrait of a Gentleman with a Walking Stick” GD-113

“Portrait of a Lady, Seated with a Music Book on Her Lap” GD-116

“Portrait of a Man with a Hat” GD-100

“Portrait of a Woman in Profile” GD-110

“Portrait of Dirck van Beresteyn” GD-111

“Scholar Interrupted at His Writing” GD-102

“Scholar Sharpening His Quill” GD-104

“Young Woman in a Niche with a Parrot and Cage” GD-105

Attributed to Gerrit Dou

“Self-Portrait (?) at an Easel” GD-112

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout

“Simeon in the Temple” GE-100

Govaert Flinck

“Elegant Shepherdess Listening to a Shepherd Playing the Recorder in an Arcadian Landscape” GF-101

“Portrait of a Man with a Hat” GF-100

“Self-Portrait” GF-103

Attributed to Govaert Flinck

“Portrait of a Man in Profile (Previously "Portrait of a Jew in Profile")” RR-121

Samuel van Hoogstraten

“Salmacis and Hermaphroditus” SH-101

Isaac de Jouderville

“Portrait of Rembrandt in Oriental Dress” IJ-100

Pieter Lastman

“David Gives Uriah a Letter for Joab” PL-100

Paulus Lesire

“Portrait of Willem Craeyvanger (1615/16 - after 1666)” PaL-100

Nicolaes Maes

“Woman with Three Children and a Goat” NM-100

Cornelis de Man

“Portrait of the Pharmacist Dr. Ysbrand Ysbrandsz. (1634/35–1705) in an Interior” CdM-100

Gabriel Metsu

“Elegant Lady Writing at Her Desk” GM-110

“Hunter Getting Dressed after Bathing” GM-106

“Old Woman at Her Meal in an Interior” GM-102

“Public Notary” GM-101

“Smoker Seated at a Table” GM-111

“Woman Cleaning Fish” GM-100

“Woman Reading a Book by a Window” GM-105

“Woman Selling Game from a Stall” GM-114

“Young Man Smoking and A Woman Pouring Beer” GM-108

“Young Woman Seated in an Interior, Reading a Letter” GM-103

Frans van Mieris

““Self-Portrait” with a Plumed Beret” FM-108

“Child’s Lesson (Hannah Entrusting Her Son Samuel into the Care of the High Priest Eli?)” FM-102

“Death of Lucretia” FM-103

“Elderly Couple in an Interior” FM-100

“Man Tuning a Violin” FM-111

“Portrait of a Fifty-Two Year Old Man” FM-104

“Portrait of a Lady” FM-109

“Portrait of a Thirty-Year-Old Man” FM-110.a

“Portrait of a Twenty-Five-Year-Old Woman” FM-110.b

“Traveler at Rest” FM-122

“Woman Reading and a Man Seated at a Table” FM-107

“Woman with a Lapdog, Accompanied by a Maidservant (probably Bathsheba with King David’s Letter)” FM-105

“Young Woman Feeding a Parrot” FM-112

Frans van Mieris the Elder (studio copy?)

“Woman Standing before a Mirror” FM-121

Michiel van Musscher

“Portrait of Eva Suzanna Pellicorne (1670–1732)” MM-102.b

“Portrait of Pieter Ranst Valckenier (1661–1704)” MM-102.a

“Portrait of the Artist in His Studio” MM-103

Eglon van der Neer

“Lady Playing a Lute in an Interior” EN-100

Caspar Netscher

“Lucretia” CN-109

“Portrait of Christine van der Wart (1620–66)” CN-110.e

“Portrait of Gerrit Craeyvanger (1651–1674)” CN-110.b

“Portrait of Lijsbeth Craeyvanger (1653–?)” CN-110.c

“Portrait of Naleke Craeyvanger (1655–1676)” CN-110.d

“Portrait of Peter Craeyvanger (1650–after 1670)” CN-110.a

“Portrait of Susanna Doublet Huygens” CN-102

“Sarah Leading Hagar to Abraham” CN-106

“Two Women in an Interior with a Basket of Lemons” CN-108

Attributed to Caspar Netscher

“Slaughtered Pig” CN-104

Willem de Poorter

“Solomon and the Queen of Sheba” WP-100

Rembrandt van Rijn

“Bust of a Bearded Old Man” RR-116

“Head of a Girl” RR-112

“Man with a Sword” RR-114

“Minerva in Her Study” RR-107

“Portrait of a Man in a Red Coat” RR-108

“Portrait of a Seated Woman with Her Hands Clasped” RR-113

“Portrait of an Old Man (Possibly a Rabbi)” RR-109

“Portrait of Antonie Coopal” RR-103

“Portrait of Petronella Buys (1605–1670)” RR-115

“Seated Man, Half-Length, at Work” RR-106

“Self-Portrait with Shaded Eyes” RR-110

“Stone Operation (Allegory of Touch)” RR-102

“Study of a Woman in a White Cap” RR-101

“Three Musicians (Allegory of Hearing)” RR-105

“Unconscious Patient (Allegory of Smell)” RR-111

“Young Girl in a Gold-Trimmed Cloak” RR-104

“Young Lion Resting” RR-100

Godefridus Schalcken

“Conversion of Mary Magdalen” GS-114

“Diana and Her Nymphs in a Clearing” GS-111

“James Stuart, Duke of Lennox and Richmond with his Greyhound by Candlelight” GS-109

“Lovers (Prodigal Son)” GS-129

“Parable of the Lost Piece of Silver” GS-108

“Portrait of a Woman” GS-110

“Portrait of Barthout van Slingelandt” GS-102

“Young Boy, Dressed in a Blue Robe, Holding a Lighted Torch” GS-112

“Young Man and Woman Studying a Statue of Venus, by Lamplight” GS-103

Follower of Godefridus Schalcken

“Girl with a Candle” GS-101

Godefridus Schalcken and Studio

“Young Man Blowing a Torch to Light a Candle” GS-106

Attributed to Maria Schalcken

“Boy Offering Grapes to a Woman” GS-113

Pieter Cornelisz van Slingelandt

“Portrait of a Man Reading a Book” PvS-100

Jan Adriaensz van Staveren

“Esther before Ahasuerus” JvS-100

Jan Steen

“Banquet of Anthony and Cleopatra” JS-107

“Interior with Women Thrashing a Man ("Peasants Fighting")” JS-103

“Lazarus and the Rich Man or "In Luxury Beware"” JS-106

“Old Woman with a Fur Cap Holding a Jug and Singing” JS-100

“Peasants Merrymaking Outside an Inn (Previously "Fair at Warmond")” JS-108

“Prayer Before the Meal” JS-116

“Sacrifice of Iphigenia” JS-112

“Self-Portrait with a Lute: Sense of Hearing” JS-115

“Woman Counting Coins” JS-101

Follower of Jan Havicksz. Steen, possibly Richard Brakenburgh

“Demonstration of Wax Figures” JS-102

Michael Sweerts

“Portrait of a Young Boy with a Hat” MS-101

Dominicus van Tol

“Boy with a Mousetrap by Candlelight” DT-100

Attributed to Pieter Verelst

“Portrait of a Man (Possible Self-Portrait)” PV-100

Johannes Vermeer

“Young Woman Seated at a Virginal” JVe-100

Jacobus Vrel

“Interior with a Sick Woman by a Fireplace” JV-100

Pieter van der Werff

“Portrait of a Boy with a Miniature Three-Master” PW-101

Frans van Mieris the Elder and His Four Leiden Patrons

by Piet Bakker

Gerrit Dou and His Collectors in the Golden Age

by Piet Bakker

Leiden Fijnschilders and the Local Art Market in the Golden Age

by Piet Bakker

Rembrandt and The Leiden Collection

by H. Perry Chapman
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