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21st Century Business Herald – July 3, 2017 Mo Fei

5 years to collect and recreate Rembrandt’s “Circle of Friends”

In the West, collecting as a family has become quite sophisticated – especially in Europe, where a significant number of families have a history of collecting for hundreds of years. The Medicis during the Renaissance, the Rothschilds who created the entire modern financial and banking system in Europe, and the Wildensteins who were the largest dealer for Le Louvre Museum, have all built their respective collections through generations of art sponsorship and acquisition. Their collections are often characterized not only by their breadth, but also their secrecy. Recently, the high-profile arrival of 17th century Dutch Golden Age collectors, Thomas S. Kaplan and Daphne Recanati Kaplan, has introduced an entirely new model. Chinese with English translation.

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