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Beijing Youth Daily – July 21, 2017 Luo Haoling

In Rembrandt’s Glow, Lievens’ Star Dimmed

The small city of Leiden was once home to two stars “vying to shine the brightest”

This is the story of two young men born in Leiden and possessed with an innate passion for painting. They left their hometown in succession to study in Amsterdam and serve as apprentices under the same teacher, who passed on to them the authentic techniques of Italian oil painting. Both men subsequently returned home to hone their painting skills together, in anticipation of their “big moment” to come. These months of waiting would later prove to be the very best time of their lives. Several years later, the two men went on their separate ways, each experiencing the trials and tribulations of life while completing their own individual artistic journey. These two artists are none other than Rembrandt van Rijn and Jan Lievens. The National Museum of China is now exhibiting their works. Chinese with English translation.

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