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Gerard ter Borch the Younger

“Guardroom Interior with Soldiers Smoking and Playing Cards” GB-101

“Lady Tickling a Sleeping Soldier” GB-104

“Portrait of Andries de Graeff (1611–1678), Burgomaster of Amsterdam” GB-106

“Portrait of Engel Craeyvanger (1649–after 1671)” GB-111.d

“Portrait of Jan Craeyvanger (1641–after 1668)” GB-111.a

“Portrait of Reijnder Craeyvanger (1645–after 1675)” GB-111.c

“Portrait of Willem Craeyvanger (1643–after 1712)” GB-111.b

Gerrit Dou

“A Young Woman Playing a Clavichord” GD-117

“Cat Crouching on the Ledge of an Artist’s Atelier” GD-108

“Goat in a Landscape” GD-114

“Herring Seller and Boy” GD-106

“Old Woman at a Window with a Candle” GD-103

“Portrait of a Gentleman with a Walking Stick” GD-113

“Portrait of a Lady, Seated with a Music Book on Her Lap” GD-116

“Portrait of a Man with a Hat” GD-100

“Portrait of a Woman in Profile” GD-110

“Portrait of Dirck van Beresteyn” GD-111

“Scholar Interrupted at His Writing” GD-102

“Scholar Sharpening His Quill” GD-104

“Young Woman in a Niche with a Parrot and Cage” GD-105

Jan Lievens

“Bookkeeper at His Desk” JL-101

“Boy in a Cape and Turban (Portrait of Prince Rupert of the Palatinate)” JL-104

“Fighting Card Players and Death” JL-107

“Head of an Old Woman: "Rembrandt's Mother"” JL-103

Gabriel Metsu

“Elegant Lady Writing at Her Desk” GM-110

“Hunter Getting Dressed after Bathing” GM-106

“Old Woman at Her Meal in an Interior” GM-102

“Woman Cleaning Fish” GM-100

“Woman Reading a Book by a Window” GM-105

“Woman Selling Game from a Stall” GM-114

“Young Man Smoking and A Woman Pouring Beer” GM-108

“Young Woman Seated in an Interior, Reading a Letter” GM-103

Frans van Mieris

“"Self-Portrait" in Fanciful Dress” FM-123

““Self-Portrait” with a Plumed Beret” FM-108

“A Young Woman Writing a Letter” FM-124

“Child’s Lesson (Hannah Entrusting Her Son Samuel into the Care of the High Priest Eli?)” FM-102

“Elderly Couple in an Interior” FM-100

“Man Tuning a Violin” FM-111

“Portrait of a Fifty-Two Year Old Man” FM-104

“Portrait of a Lady” FM-109

“Portrait of a Thirty-Year-Old Man” FM-110.a

“Portrait of a Twenty-Five-Year-Old Woman” FM-110.b

“Woman Reading and a Man Seated at a Table” FM-107

“Woman with a Lapdog, Accompanied by a Maidservant (probably Bathsheba with King David’s Letter)” FM-105

“Young Woman Feeding a Parrot” FM-112

Willem van Mieris

“Diana, Goddess of the Hunt” WM-101

“Hermit Praying in the Wilderness” WM-100

“Portrait of an Elegant Man” WM-103.a

“Portrait of an Elegant Woman” WM-103.b

“Portrait of Dina Margareta de Bye” WM-102

“Portrait of Mrs. van Acker (?)” WM-106.b

“Portrait of Samuel van Acker” WM-106.a

Caspar Netscher

“Fortune Teller” CN-111

“Portrait of Christine van der Wart (1620–66)” CN-110.e

“Portrait of Gerrit Craeyvanger (1651–1674)” CN-110.b

“Portrait of Lijsbeth Craeyvanger (1653–?)” CN-110.c

“Portrait of Naleke Craeyvanger (1655–1676)” CN-110.d

“Portrait of Peter Craeyvanger (1650–after 1670)” CN-110.a

“Portrait of Susanna Doublet Huygens” CN-102

“Sarah Leading Hagar to Abraham” CN-106

“Two Women in an Interior with a Basket of Lemons” CN-108

Rembrandt van Rijn

“Bust of a Bearded Old Man” RR-116

“Bust of a Young Bearded Man” RR-117

“Minerva in Her Study” RR-107

“Portrait of a Man in a Red Coat” RR-108

“Portrait of a Seated Woman with Her Hands Clasped” RR-113

“Portrait of a Young Woman ("The Middendorf Rembrandt")” RR-126

“Portrait of an Old Man (Possibly a Rabbi)” RR-109

“Portrait of Antonie Coopal” RR-103

“Portrait of Petronella Buys (1605–1670)” RR-115

“Seated Man, Half-Length, at Work” RR-106

“Self-Portrait with Shaded Eyes” RR-110

“Stone Operation (Allegory of Touch)” RR-102

“Study of a Woman in a White Cap” RR-101

“Three Musicians (Allegory of Hearing)” RR-105

“Unconscious Patient (Allegory of Smell)” RR-111

“Young Girl in a Gold-Trimmed Cloak” RR-104

“Young Lion Resting” RR-100

School/Circle of Rembrandt van Rijn

“Bearded Man in a Fur Hat (Previously "Jew in a Fur Hat")” RR-118

“Bust of an Old Woman” RR-122

“Jacob Shown Joseph’s Bloody Coat” GE-101

“Man in Oriental Costume (possibly the Old Testament Patriarch Dan)” RR-125

“Old Man with a White Beard” RR-120

“Rembrandt's Mother” JL-106

“Study of a Man with Curly Hair” RR-123

“Woman Plucking a Duck” AD-100

Godefridus Schalcken

“Conversion of Mary Magdalen” GS-114

“Diana and Her Nymphs in a Clearing” GS-111

“James Stuart, Duke of Lennox and Richmond with his Greyhound by Candlelight” GS-109

“Lovers (Prodigal Son)” GS-129

“Parable of the Lost Piece of Silver” GS-108

“Portrait of a Woman” GS-110

“Portrait of Barthout van Slingelandt” GS-102

“Young Boy, Dressed in a Blue Robe, Holding a Lighted Torch” GS-112

“Young Man and Woman Studying a Statue of Venus, by Lamplight” GS-103

Jan Steen

“Banquet of Anthony and Cleopatra” JS-107

“Interior with Women Thrashing a Man ("Peasants Fighting")” JS-103

“Lazarus and the Rich Man or "In Luxury Beware"” JS-106

“Old Woman with a Fur Cap Holding a Jug and Singing” JS-100

“Peasants Merrymaking Outside an Inn (Previously "Fair at Warmond")” JS-108

“Prayer Before the Meal” JS-116

“Sacrifice of Iphigenia” JS-112

“Self-Portrait with a Lute: Sense of Hearing” JS-115

“Woman Counting Coins” JS-101


The Signing of Paintings by Rembrandt and His Contemporaries

by Michiel Franken and Jaap van der Veen, 2022
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